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The Tran Pyrenean Foundation was created on the initiative of the Government of Aragon, with the participation of Aragon抯 most representative抯 social and political institutions, promoting the construction of a railway crossing by the Pyrenees central.

The Tran Pyrenean Foundation born in January 2003. The aim of the Foundation is to foster improvements in communications, the intermodality and the permeability of the Pyrenean Mountains, on a sustainable development perspective, mainly by means of a low-altitude railway tunnel. This tunnel would link Spain with France crossing Aragon, resolving the border freight transport between the Iberian Peninsula and Europe.

The Tran Pyrenean Foundation develops all the technical and economic initiatives to ensure that the National and European authorities take the necessary decisions in order to achieve their goals.


The Regional Minister for Public Works of the Government of Aragon is the President of the Trans Pyrenean Foundation and the Director General for Transport is the Vice-President.

The Board of TRUSTEES is composed by:

- 4 members representing the Government of Aragon.
- 2 members representing the Saragossa Provincial Council.
- 2 members representing the Huesca Provincial Council.
- 2 members representing the Teruel Provincial Council.
- 1 member representing the Aragonese Federation of Municipalities, District and Provinces.
- 1 member representing the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saragossa.
- 1 member representing the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Huesca.
- 1 member representing the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Teruel.
- 1 member representing the Regional Confederation of Aragonese Employers.
- 1 member representing the Confederation for the small and medium sized enterprises.
- 1 member representing the trade union Workers' Commissions.
- 1 member representing the General Workers' Union.



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